Executive Board

Officers are elected for one year. They may hold that office for two consecutive terms, but are elected on a one year term basis. The outgoing President will remain a voting member of the Board for one year after term expires.

Suzanne Main Trenkle - second term expires 2018 - President
Cherie McCloughan - second term expires 2018 - 1st Vice President
Carole Anderson Kunze – first term expires 2018 - 2nd Vice President
Tina Goodrich - second term expires 2018 – Recording secretary
Anna Krajecki - first term expires 2018 - Treasurer


Directors are elected for two years. They may hold that position for two consecutive terms. An outgoing board member may be nominated to fill an executive board office.

Joan Bonnette - 1st term expires 2018
Mary Carry - 1st term expires 2019
Jo Ann Flowers - 2nd term expires 2018
Carole Hodgman - 2nd term expires 2018
Jan Roberts - 1st term expires 2019

At-Large Appointments
Vacancies during any term may be filled by appointment by the President. The slate of officers must be presented at a February meeting, voted on at a March meeting, installed at an April meeting, and takes office on June 1st. The Past President and the Membership Chair are on the Board and each has a vote.

Membership Chair: Pat Strawn
Past President: Rosalie Plechaty
Board Meetings: Clubhouse, 3rd Tuesday at 1:00p.m.